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Our Vision

Become a global food brand recognized for its taste and quality

Our Mission

We give our customers only the best food; be it in frozen or non-frozen category across the globe. We are known for our authentic Asian cuisine coupled with great taste. We adhere to the highest international quality standards. All our products are fresh, halal and hygienically packed. We always promise our customers to give them only the best

Who We Are

A subsidiary of Dawn Group based in Pakistan, our parent company has been one of the leaders of the Pakistani food industry since 1981. Mezban Foods is an extension of the same principles that have seen us become one of the top food businesses in South Asia.

Our History

Formed in 2006, Mezban Foods Inc. brings traditional South Asian cuisine to the world.

Mezban Foods offers high-quality halal products with a commitment to producing only the best. Our products are free of fillers, artificial flavors, and chemicals. When you purchase a Mezban Food frozen product, you can be assured of not just quality, but taste too – our innovative, well-researched recipes tantalize the palate, with each bite making you feel just a little closer to home.

Worldwide Distribution

Mezban products are widely available in Pakistan metro towns. Internationally, our products are available in the USA, Canada, UK, Norway, UAE, Saudia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Maldives, Australia and New Zealand. We are coming to more countries soon…

Quality Certification

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International Halal Logo, Mezban International
Mezban Safty Food, Mezban International


Mezban, a trusted name in providing premium hand-slaughtered Halal products. Certified by the Shari’ah Board of America, our facility at 9125 Diplomacy Row, Dallas, TX, undergoes regular inspections to ensure the highest standards of Halal compliance. With a commitment to quality and authenticity, all our products carry the HMS logo, guaranteeing they meet strict Halal requirements. We pride ourselves on our dedication to offering only the finest, ethically prepared Halal foods, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction for our valued customers. Join us on our journey to bring you the best in Halal culinary excellence.

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If you want to become a distributor of Mezban products in your respective country, please email us your details at and we will get back to you

We are currently working on online shopping for our USA customers and it will, hopefully, be operational soon.

If you want to become a distributor of Mezban products in your respective country, please email us your details at and we will get back to you

Yes, all our Products are Halal and certified by “International Halal Certification (IHC)”

We ensure that all of our products are made from fresh and top quality ingredients which is why we have received the ISO 22000:2005 quality certification. Our products go through stringent quality tests and measures to make sure that our customers get only the most safe and hygienic products.