What Makes Food Halal?

If you are a Muslim, you will be well aware of the food restrictions by the Holy Book. It’s a hot topic among people that what makes the food Halal? Likewise, it’s also a focus topic among the non-muslim countries because they are unaware of the reality of Halal food.
This short guide is for everyone who wants to know about Halal food and all the related information. In this guide, we have mentioned all the necessary details that you should know to understand the concept. Let’s begin!

What Does “Halal” mean?

Before understanding the concept, it’s better to understand the word. It’s an Arabic word that means Permitted or Lawful and refers to the food allowed in Islam. If you are looking for trusted b2b seo company in san antonio then you can contact us. More significantly, it’s the opposite word of haram means the food items that are prohibited in Islam. Keep in mind that there are many other religions, but here we are talking about Islam.

What is Halal meat?

Non-muslims also eat meat, but what is the difference between Halal and haram meat. Everyone knows that non-muslims prepare the meat by giving electric shocks or some other method not allowed in Islam.
Meat is Halal if the animal is slaughtered according to the Islamic manners as Dhabiha. Simple, the animal should cut through the carotid artery, jugular vein, and windpipe to drain all the blood outside. Moreover, you can’t consume blood as it’s haram bitcoin tumbler reddit. The matter does not end here; you must recite a dedication while slaughtering an animal such as Shahada or Tasmiya. When you fulfill all these requirements, the meat becomes Halal for you.
Remember that all types of meat are not Halal, even if you follow the same procedure to cut them. The haram meat includes:

● Reptiles, birds of prey.
● Donkey, mules, cats, dogs, horses, and fanged animals.
● Pork and all its by-products.
● All the other animals that don’t fall in this category, such as monkeys.

What is Halal Food?

All the vegan foods are halal except a few. The exception is for the foods containing alcohol and other intoxicants as they are haram. Similarly, dairy eggs and other dairy products are halal if obtained from Halal animals. Check the details below:

● If the dairy products are obtained from haram animals or the halal animals slaughtered in a Non-Islamic way.
● If a non-halal animal is slaughtered in a halal way, it will not become halal. Also, non-halal pharmaceuticals are prohibited.

Bottom Line

There are only two types of halal food such as vegans and meat. We have shared all the details on how you can track which food is Halal. We hope you will find this information helpful in understanding the whole concept of Halal and Haram.

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