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Company History

Formed in 2006, Mezban Foods Inc. brings traditional South Asian cuisine to the North American table.

A subsidiary of Dawn Group based in Pakistan, our parent company has been one of the leaders of the Pakistani food industry since 1981. Dawn Group’s successful export of meat products led to the idea of bringing the same wholesome goodness to consumers in the United States and Canada; Mezban Foods is an extension of the same principles that have seen us become one of the top food businesses in South Asia.

Mezban Foods offers high-quality halal products with a commitment to producing only the best. Our products are free of fillers, artificial flavors, and chemicals.

When you purchase a Mezban Foods frozen meal, you can be assured of not just quality, but taste too – our innovative, well-researched recipes tantalize the palate, with each bite making you feel just a little closer to home.

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